Saturday, December 19, 2015

Nancy Lee Badger Presents #ChristmasTreats Blog Hop and Giveaway

Christmas Treats Hop

What are your favorite Christmas treats? Books, of course! How about cookies? Yum! Since this Blog Hop ends on December 25th, I have put together a Scottish Gift Basket to warm up your frosty New Year. (Enter below the Gift Basket's photo)

Don't forget to stop by each blog, also listed below, for a chance to win fabulous books and gifts for the holidays!

The holidays are here, and I want to give back to my wonderful readers. Have you read one or two of my books? Have you left a short review anywhere? Reviews are like gold, so please take a moment and leave one today (your gift to me)

In the meantime, here is an excerpt from My Hunted Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance

     Jenny passed Blair a small metal cup, and helped her bring it to her lips. “You have to keep drinking this. It’s an antidote. Gavin said you were poisoned.”
     “The apple…I remember. Something about Cinnie, the woman I met in the orchard. I can’t believe she meant to hurt me. Actually, she didn’t. I took the apple without her knowledge.”
     “Which means she planned to poison someone else!”
     “Quick, Jenny! Warn Mackenzie, before someone dies!”
     Jenny raced into the hall without shutting the heavy oak door. Too weak to get up, Blair sipped the bitter brew and wondered how much time had passed. When a servant poked through the door, she smiled. She didn’t want to be alone, not with all the craziness going on around her, and her missing son.
     “Can I help ye dress, my lady?” Her head was down, and wrapped in a triangle of white linen. One gold braid hung down her back. She shut the door behind her, and strolled to a large armoire.
     “Yes, but I’m pretty weak.” Blair swung her legs to the side of the rumpled bed, but held tight to the bedclothes. The woman, her back to Blair, dug through clothes. “Those must be Jenny Morgan’s dresses. I am lucky we are both tall.”
     When she noticed that the servant was no more than four feet tall, she changed the subject. “Is it still snowing?”
     “Nay, the sun is shining. ‘Tis morning, and still early, but the menfolk have left the castle grounds.”
     “What? They left without me?” Blair hopped to the floor, wobbled, and nearly fell to her knees.
The servant’s hands clasped her waist from behind. “Take care, my lady. The poison is still in yer system. We would no’ wish ye injured.”
     A shiver zipped along her spine. “We?”

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Please enter to win this 
Scottish Gift Basket
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*Autographed copy of DRAGON Bites*
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No purchase necessary, open to Continental USA  residents. 
International Readers will receive ebooks from Nancy's backlist.

Christmas Treats Blog Hop 
Ends December 25th
I would LOVE you to tell me 
about the books you 
want for Christmas! 

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