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Nancy Lee Badger Presents Donna Steele

Donna Steele stopped by to share her holiday romance novel:
Christmas With Family.  

Nancy- Let's start off with something intimate! Please share 3 things readers might not know about you.

Donna- I feel like I'm an open book, but here you go:
1) I never realized just how much I was going to adore retirement. I have had a job since I was twelve years old, so this is new territory and the best yet.
2) I was born with EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) fortunately the mild kind but please check out the Butterfly Fund for a wonderful cause helping those children who had a much worse case than my sister and I had.
3) Since my retirement I get up at 6 a.m. just like "normal" and swim for 30 minutes – much better for me than the stress eating I was doing on the job.

Blurb for Christmas With Family
When Symone finds herself unexpectedly in custody of her confused and frightened four-year-old niece for Christmas she knows she has to make it work. Symone's sister had to get to her husband, injured in Afghanistan and in critical condition. Rachel is left in limbo with only a few days 'til Santa comes.

It helps when Blake, a friend of her brother-in-law, shows up to try to make it a merry Christmas for Rachel but Symone doesn't know the man or the history he's hiding. And she's not interested in another holiday with the wrong guy. Can they save Christmas for the child they both love?

   Without warning Rachel darted past Symone and flung herself into the arms of the large man. "Not a rag doll, Rachel!"
   He hugged the little girl and then looked into her face. "I can never remember that. Are you sure your name's not Rags? With that hair?"
   Symone relaxed slightly. The two obviously knew each other.  Rachel had the same red hair she and Alicia had, if a little lighter at her age.
   "Aunt Symone, this is my Uncle Blake."
   Symone blinked at that. Jerry was an only child.
He shifted the child in his arms and held out his hand.
   "Honorary uncle. I'm Blake Connelly, a friend of Jerry's."      She saw the tightness return to his eyes at the mention of Jerry's name, but he said nothing in front of Rachel.
   "Please, come in." She stepped back and he followed her, giving her a chance to close the door and keep the cold outside.
   "They said Daddy got hurt. Were you there?" Rachel asked him.
   "No, Rags. I'm sorry I wasn't. But I'm sure he'll be fine."
   "Momma went to get him, so she won't be here for Christmas."
   "I thought about that and that's why I came to check on you."
   "You'll stay here?" The little girl's arms went around his neck. "You can have your old room."
   Symone blinked at that and froze. Wait a minute, who was this guy?
   "I probably shouldn't stay here. You and your Aunt Symone have plans I'm sure."
   "No we don't. Please Aunt Symone. He can stay can't he? He always does. You two could share the room. It's a big bed."
   Symone just blinked again, trying to regain her equilibrium.
   "I can get a room close by—"
   "Do you usually stay here when you visit?" Symone managed to ask.
   "Yes, but this is different."
   Symone looked into the pleading eyes of the little girl nestled comfortably in his muscular arms. The holiday was already so screwed up. "I can move into Alicia and Jerry's room."
   "Yes!" Rachel squealed and Symone winced slightly. Blake seemed to take it in stride.
   "Are you sure?"
   Symone straightened her back. "Yes. It'll be fine."
   He nodded, the gesture saying more to her than he could in front of the child and Symone smiled, relaxing a little more.
   "I was coming to ask Rachel what she wanted me to fix for dinner."
   "Could we have grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup?" Rachel responded immediately.
   "That would be perfect. Suit you, Blake?" Symone asked.
   "That's exactly what I was going to ask for." He let the little girl down and Rachel scurried off to find something she wanted to show him.
   As soon as Rachel was out of the room, Blake spoke. "I don't have to stay here. I realize I'm a stranger."
   "I know. But she's already so upset. I think it would be good for her if you're here."
   "Thanks. I'll be on my best behavior."
   She chuckled as Rachel careened back into the room carrying the tattered Christmas catalog to show Blake what she had asked Santa for this year.
   "I'll go get started on dinner."
   "Need any help?"
   "You're already giving it." Symone smiled and headed for the kitchen, keeping an ear out for the conversation going on in the great room. She still didn't know for sure who tall, dark and gorgeous was, but Rachel obviously knew him well.

Nancy- How can my readers buy your book?  

Nancy- What’s next for you?
Donna- I try to take turns and since this is a small town romance, I need to turn back to Sci Fi/Paranormal. I have contracted a time travel book with Soul Mate Publishing, so I've got to get into the deep editing of that.

More About Donna Steele
Women strong enough for love.
I write science fiction, paranormal and small town romance eBooks about women coming into their strength and having the courage to find and accept love.

Now that I have retired from going into an office every day, I created my own at home and write full time. Talk about living the dream!

Since I learned to read I’ve wanted to write. The possibilities of science fiction have always drawn me and I’ve read them all, there just needed to be a little more romance in them. I finally got up the courage to write them myself and I’m delighted that I’m able to share these stories with you.

My premiere novel, a science fiction romance, was released
in March 2012. Since then I've been fortunate enough to release 13 more works, including my first self-published novel – Alien Embrace. Please stop by my author page at for excerpts of my books.

I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA and the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers.

Website & Blog -  

***And she has just released another book!
Rth Rising, a 'new kind of sci-fi romance'. 
Buy it at Amazon

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