Saturday, February 1, 2014

Share The Love Valentine Giveaway

Share The Love is not your typical Blog hop...yes there are prizes (from me) but the idea is for ME to SHARE THE LOVE of some of the Blogs I follow.

There are several, and every few days I will tell y'all a tidbit about their blog, because I really want you to go visit them and say 'Hi'

To win a prize (an e-book) you simply have to leave a comment.
No requirements; no questions; no puzzles to solve. I am simply 

ALL WINNERS (there will be 5)
Will be Chosen February 14th
which just happens to be

See what a mean about LOVE? It's addictive, and I fill my stories with romance, sensuality, relationships, and a little twisted paranormal so prepare to suspend belief!

Here are the five blogs I want y'all to look at. Check back for my questions, and a chance TO WIN!

Follow me on twitter @NLBadger for announcements saying 'It is time to comment' so you don't miss out.

Please visit them, and check back to see what other interesting tidbits I will share about them!Also, check out my latest releases:

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