Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nancy Lee Badger's Positive Quote of the Week

Blaze      Photo by Nancy Lee Badger
"See into life…don’t just look at it."

Anne Baxter, Actor

This has been an awesome, busy, exciting week and I fully believe in Ms. Baxter's words. Despite the rainy days and tornado warnings, the sun finally peeked out long enough for my family to enjoy a delicious 4th of July celebration barbecue, visit the North Carolina Museum of Science, and have wine while listening to light jazz at the NC Museum of Art.

What made me think of Ms. Baxter's words? I opened my eyes to how wonderful life can be when you do what you love. I am a writer.

I am patiently waiting for My Reluctant Highlander to be made available in print (the ebook came out June 14th).

I am hustling to reformat Dragon's Curse so I can upload the novella everywhere (now that my publisher has return the rights to me).

I am looking forward to attending the Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta. Who knows...maybe I will meet an agent looking for someone an unique as me! Or, maybe I will pitch to a publisher willing to take a chance on one of my manuscripts!

I do not plan to sit on my arse and dream...I am heading out to be part of life. Care to join me?

Nancy Lee

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