Thursday, April 18, 2013

More About Dragons by Nancy Lee Badger

Here I am, talking about Dragons, again. These legendary creatures are typically pictured as having serpent-like or reptilian traits. Dragons are featured in the myths of cultures spanning the globe. Today, I will concentrate on the mythological dragons of Scotland.

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One story, dear to my heart, revolves around the most famous dragon of Scotland: the Loch Ness Monster. Nessie is classified as a dragon, even though many assume it is a leftover dinosaur or lake fish that has grown to gigantic proportions.  

Tales of Nessie date from the sixth century. Here is one story I researched: When Saint Columba traveled through the country of the Picts, he had to cross the River Ness. He came across Picts burying a man said to have been bitten by the water-monster. Not a stupid man, Columba ordered one of his men to swim across and return with a boat. The chosen man, Lugneus Mocumin swam off, but the monster saw him and charged. All on shore stood in horror except Columba, who raised his holy hand and inscribed the Cross in the air. He called upon the name of God and commanded the beast, saying, “Go no further! Do not touch the man! Go back at once!” The monster drew back, retreating to the depths of the Loch. Unharmed, Lugneus brought the boat back. Everyone was astonished. The heathen savages who witnessed the miracle were overcome and came to know the magnificence of the God of the Christians. 

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Nessie and Loch Ness are the most famous tourist attractions in Scotland and the locals will tell you about the mythical sea creature that some have actually seen in modern times and is probably a stranded dragon. Dragons have found their way into many modern books and movies. Shape shifters are a modern day paranormal storyline and several authors have used dragon lore to create stories to entertain us all.
love dragons, and find their inclusion in my stories a necessity at times. Dragon in the Mist is a short story based on the Loch Ness Monster. My current work-in-progress includes a dragon. Watch for My Reluctant Highlander, the third book in the Highland Games Through Time series (due out this summer!)

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