Friday, November 2, 2012

Interview with Author Kyle Newton

A funny thing happened when I recently attended the New Hampshire Highland Games  and Festival. I came face-to-face with a kilted young man whom I had talked with, briefly, one year ago. Many things have changed since our last encounter.

Kyle with  Loon Mountain in the background
Kyle Newton cut his long hair! More importantly, he published his first book Allegiance of a Soldier, and is well on his way to more books. (the second book in The Betrayer Series should be out by now). Compared to me, Kyle is youngun and seems to know my sons who were also at the games. You see, my family gets together in the fall to volunteer under the Information tent, so we meet lots of great people dressed in every color imaginable.

Kyle is a member of the Forbes Clan. Every Scottish Clan has their own 'tartan plaid' and it is such a pleasure to photograph men in their ancient garb. Kyle looks the part and I pulled him aside to get to know the real Kyle.

"I love to tell stories," he told me as we lounged in the shade and watched the thousands of visitors to the games. He also admitted he nearly failed his creative writing course in high school because he was writing his book!

Like me, Kyle was inspired by an author. He met Mary Carroll Moore at a writer's conference, and off he went! Since high school, Kyle has worked in retail to pay the rent, but his passion is writing stories.

The author at the New Hampshire Highland Games with his book
Lies of the King is the second book in his trilogy, and he found out quickly that promotion takes time away from writing. I gave him some ideas and I hope this will help increase sales, since the dream of all writers is to WRITE FULL TIME.

Book Blurb of Allegiance of a Soldier

A dying country rises from the ashes of war. Aran, one of Rairal's elite, and a war hero amongst his brothers-in-arms, views himself as a disgrace. A dark secret lingers within him, crippling his daily life. Hoping to find peace in nature, he is arrested by the King's men, and is promised death in prison. With friends few and far between, it becomes time to face difficult questions: Is it better to fight or hide? Is killing for King and country still considered murder? What if facing the past that haunts you is the only way to save your country's future?
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