Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Tennis & My Team USA GIVEAWAY

The Olympics are in full swing and I want YOU, my readers, to WIN. No, I am not giving out medals. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are only for our wonderful athletes.

Have no can still win!

My 1st book, SECRET LOVE MATCH, has a heroine who is struggling to claim a berth on the USA Olympics tennis team, I am giving away an official Team USA Backpack to one lucky person who leaves a comment*.

No Purchase necessary, but I would love you to check out this Book Blurb. Red Rose Publishing is in the process of replacing my REAL name on the ebooks, but know that whether you buy a copy by Nancy Lee Badger or Nancy Lennea, it is the same fun romantic romp, inside!

Book Blurb

Rebecca Delacourt has played and taught tennis for the last three years. At twenty-one, she knows what she wants. Without help from her wealthy parents, she buys a condo in Glen Cove, NY and plans to be on the Olympic Tennis team. She has no time for men, marriage, or children. Her mother gave up her acting career when she became pregnant with older sister, Laney, whose illegitimate son is mute due to recent emotional trauma. Rebecca still manages to squeak out some time for her charity work for breast cancer research in Baltimore every year.
Taylor, a former TV actor, notices Becka. She knows him—she’s dreamed of his TV persona for years. They meet at her parent’s country club. He thinks he’s found gold in the athletic blond. After beating him at tennis he meets her parents. Too bad he knows them—a former co-star, and the man helping get him auditions. Her sister moves in—thwarting any privacy. She’s hiding out and is attacked. Taylor finds himself falling for Becka. Will he change his arrogant ways, save her nephew from kidnappers, and realize she’s the one? Becka wonders if dreams can still be reached with someone beside her. Will they reach their dreams together?

*since I can only ship to addresses in the USA, if a commenter is from outside this country, they will win a choice of one of my 8 ebooks, and I will choose a second winner for the backpack. Good Luck!

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