Sunday, August 12, 2012


Join me and other authors of ROMANCE when we pay homage to the hunky guys we write about by giving away prizes to you...our readers!

Dozens of blogs have joined together to salute our HOT SUMMER HEROES. I will be giving away an e-copy of my latest release,

All YOU have to do is leave a comment, below.


You might ask why summer? Well, the summer months are usually the best time to enjoy the out-of-doors, and all that nature can provide. My book is set in a small college town nestled along a river, surrounded by the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Small towns are filled with interesting characters, but I throw rescues, romance, and suspense at them. See who gets who in the end! 

Check out this EXCERPT:

Her scent, intoxicating as fresh–cut flowers in spring, filled his nostrils and made his head spin with the sudden sweetness. The pale skin of her neck beckoned him, the pulse just beneath the surface beating fast and strong. Her lips parted in response to his gaze. With an urge so strong his knees weakened, he kissed the gentle slope below her chin then slid up and captured both lips.
The kiss deepened, spurred on by a force screaming at him to take everything. She tasted sweet and spicy, of sugar and bitter coffee. He sucked her tongue and groaned with the pleasure of her particular taste. This isn’t right.
Some mysterious voice screamed in his head, but he ignored the warning. His hands roamed to her back before sliding lower. Each fingertip tingled with intense pleasure. Lower, still, his hands cupped her strong buttocks. One hand slid up to nestle against the nape of her neck. Her body squirmed, moving in increasing velocity to connect with his stomach, thighs, and groin.
“Easy, sweetheart, or this will be over before it’s begun.” Locked in his embrace, she kissed him in response. Agony, like a punch to the gut, made him realize whom he kissed. His partner.
He responded as if slapped.
But wait...there's more! You could win OTHER PRIZES simply by 'hoppin' over to the other blogs and placing your comment with them.

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My ebook winner will be drawn August 19th.
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