Friday, April 22, 2011


In high school, back on the first Earth Day-April 22, 1970-I remember a class or two meeting outside and reading about this new 'holiday' and it opened my eyes. We were recently allowed to wear jeans in school, and spring blouses were sheer and colorful. Flowers were everywhere. Spring came a bit late on Long Island, about 30 miles west of New York City, but I had a feeling something good had begun.

Many years later, while working at a hardware store in New Hampshire, I organized an Earth day celebration in the local schools. Our store advertised a coloring contest and asked schools to prompt the kids to color the page and have them posted in our store windows. Then we chose three prize winning schools. I personally delivered a wheelbarrow filled with planting supplies to the to three schools.

The contest motivated the kids and teachers to get invloved in every step AND they learned that winning something that helped everyone-not just themselves-was a great feeling of accomplishment. The contest made our small hardware store a part of the community as well.

Earth Day might be filled with hardship for others.

Plant some flowers or, as in our area, help a family pick up trash after the tornado. Whatever you do, give back to family, friends, neighbors, or Mother Earth. Taking part and helping others will make you feel good. I promise.


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