Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today is dark, dreary, and wet. It is also about 11 days since massive tornadoes ripped through North Carolina. A deadly one, which killed four children in one mobile home, happened about 5 miles east of our home.

My heartfelt prayers go to the victims and their families. My husband and I were 3 hours away at a Scottish Highland Games north of Charlotte. We survived a horrific windstorm and sideways rain but no tornado.

Our homes can be replaced...for the most part. As a writer, I understand all about backup. When I realized I left all the computers at home, along with my printed manuscripts, and flashdrives, I panicked. You see, we planned to stay over one night and I did not want to irritate my husband by sitting in an expensive hotel room tapping on a keyboard. We ended up staying a second night because of the storms. Next time, I will fill my luggage and car with backup discs, flashdrives, and one computer.

Well, today's rain is helping me clean-up my office, signup for TWITTER, and work on my query letter for HEAVEN SENT WARRIOR, my latest paranormal manuscript. I am currently looking for the perfect agent.  Wish me luck!

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