Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am back from our three day mini writing retreat to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. I want to publicly thank our host, Lori Hayes Keizer. Comedy relief was added by Sarra Cannon. The two days of rain did what a huge snowstorm does for many people in America...made us stay inside and WORK! For us, that meant WRITE!

Me, Lori & Sarra kick up some sand

We snuggled around the fireplace, drank tea and worked on our WIPs (work in progress) A short break at the local coffee shop,
BEANS-N-SCREENS, gave us a few minutes of Internet, which is hard for me. Ignoring all those e-mails? They are a time suck.

Lori lucked out when the opportunity to interview the owner AND shadow the barista filled her head with everything she needed to create her story...set in a coffee shop! Things sometimes work out, that way. Sometimes an author has an idea, but doesn't have the background to keep the book accurate, which is why opportunities like this are FIRST RATE!

Hello Kitty shared our beach house because Sarra Cannon, a Young Adult author, was in her element. Typing away on one of two different laptops, and her fancy phone, but she is the techno-savvy author. YA titles of hers grace many e-book seller sites and she is selling her books right and left. She shared some great tips for getting the word out on my own Amazon titles (use their Forums), and has me considering self-publishing some of my stories (in the future).

For me, I worked on my contemporary paranormal, HEAVEN SENT WARRIOR. It is set in North Carolina and actually ends at the ocean, where my heroine drowns...don't worry, there is a happy ending. I love the ocean and it was great to wake up Sunday morning and finally see the sun. We took an early afternoon break to walk on the beach. The photos are fun, and the surfers were cute...I mean, inspirational.

Some day, hubby and I might rent one of the many pastel-colored beach homes and spend a week or two on beautiful Emerald Isle. 


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