Thursday, January 13, 2011


     Today's saying on my desk calendar states "Before criticizing a new employee, remember your first days at work." How can this simple statement affect me? I retired from public service to write romance novels fulltime.

     Let's see. I am vice president of my local Romance Writers of America chapter. I feel a responsiblity to help our newest members. I have four books published in e-book format and I have busied myself by promoting my work on blogs and a newspaper interview. I attend our monthly meetings and eagerly answer members' questions.

     No, they aren't my employees, but this meeting might have been their very first venture into the world of romance writing. I remember how I felt back in December 2007. I had justed moved from New Hampshire to North Carolina and didn't know a soul except family. That first meeting was the annual holiday party held at Liz Carlyle's home.

     LIZ CARLYLE? The NY Times Bestseller? EEK!

     I did my best NOT to act like a fool. My fears were groundless. With fifty or sixty men and women crowded around her kitchen, with platters of potluck goodies and plenty of beverages, I fit right in and was welcomed.

     So, if someone you know is new to the fold-whether the jobsite or club or church-make them feel welcome. PAY IT FORWARD.

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