Friday, October 1, 2010

DESTINY'S MOUNTAINis available now!

As promised, here is another excerpt of my new, romantic suspense full of stalkers, a murder, ghostly voices, a mountain rescue, spicy sex, and everlasting romance!

White Mountains of New Hampshire


Jacob glanced around the cabin. His eyes focused on the kitchen’s vinyl floor. Splattered across the cool, usually spotless floor were several muddy prints.

A man’s boot prints.

He knelt down and looked closer. Were these made by hiking boots? The treads looked similar to his.

Jacob spied a flashlight on top of her refrigerator. He grabbed it and ventured out the back door into the dark. Careful not to walk where the mysterious tracks furrowed into the snow, he followed them about twenty feet until he noticed smaller tracks he was certain belonged to Destiny.

Someone must have bashed in her door then chased her into the night. The light snowfall only covered the tracks with a very thin veil, so it had happened recently. The tracks led in the direction of Mountain Mist Falls. He tried to remember the name of that trail as he ran back inside to call the police.

“Beaver Ridge trail?” He tried out the name, and then nodded. “Yes, that’s it,” he said as he picked up the phone. A roar of frustration filled the cabin as he stood listening to the silent phone. No dial tone.

He already knew from past experience his cell phone would prove useless in this area. How could he get help? If he took the time to drive back to town, Destiny might get hurt or killed. He couldn’t chance it.

Instead, Jacob searched through the kitchen drawers. He latched on to a pad of paper and a pen then jotted down a message telling whoever might find it what he had discovered and where he’d gone.

He glanced around her cabin once more and then grabbed her ski hat and pulled it down onto his head. The little feminine knit cap hugged him tightly, but he didn’t care how he looked. It was snowing, and he needed to stay warm. He’d neglected to buy himself a hat. He’d put off many things over the last two months, with his mind filled with thoughts of her.

Destiny had my heart the moment she kissed me in the shower.

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