Saturday, September 22, 2018

Where This Writer Finds Ideas

The author & her sons

Time spent volunteering can turn into something I can take back with me and put into a book. The New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival is an annual event that brings my family together. We live in North Carolina and the others live in upstate Vermont (so close to Canada you can smell the snow). Meeting up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire gives us a chance to spend quality time together, while we help promote Scottish life. Yes, and it gives me ideas for many more books. 

The first book came to me while working the games and happens to be my biggest seller. My Honorable Highlander teams up a present day woman attending the fictional New England Highland games and the laird of a clan in sixteenth century Scotland.

The book is available in ebook, print and audio, and is followed

10 hour Audio Book is available

by other full-length stories pairing people from these different times. The central theme includes Highland games.

Check out the buy links of all the books HERE

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