Thursday, July 13, 2017

Giveaway and Release Day Shimmer: The Beginning

Release Day! 

The Story

On Scotland’s Isle of Skye, Robina uses her gifts to turn algae and muck into crystal clear fairy pools. A dark fairy chases her, while a black winged creature falls from the sky. One wants her body, the other claims her heart.

Duff was dying, and his search for a mate looked doomed to failure. A pretty dragon knocks him off his feet. When she says she had simply transformed her shape in order to meet him, his heart breaks. Human hunters and the dark fairy threaten them, while love erupts between them. How will two very different otherworldly creatures co-exist?

An Excerpt from Shimmer: The Beginning

     Wary of the possible danger that had caused the woodland creatures to run away, Robina opened her otherworldly senses, hoping she’d sense or hear the thoughts of whoever had frightened the others away. Fairies were not immortal. When they had confronted those who detested their species, many died. Enemies were not everywhere, but taking care while out and about on Skye had proved prudent, time and again. Unfortunately, she could not sense other fairies, such as Lon. Until she could figure out what had caused the others to flee, she sat on her rock and willed her wings to dry. She did not have to wait long.
   A creature, riding upon the wind, flew near. His deafening roar stole her breath. It was ancient, huge, and black as night. She feared it harbored an unholy taste for blood.
   Duff flapped his mighty wings, flying low below the frothy clouds. He sniffed the air. Something had disturbed the natural order, and he took a moment out of his misery to search it out. If an otherworldly creature dared to travel near his cave in the Black Cuillin Hills, he would make it leave with haste, or devour the intruder. He’d always prided himself on his solitude, and only came out of his cave in order to pursue a female dragon.
   Failed that, didn’t you?
   Both of his ears twitched, but the only sound was the thunder of rushing water, meaning he had reached one of the waterfalls cascading into murky pools. He rarely headed in this direction to find drinking water. The threat of coming face-to-face with human hunters grew if he headed west across the Isle of Skye. What he smelled wasn’t human. It was more flowery, with an overlay of fresh grass. He sniffed again.
   At the sight of the crystal-clear pool, into which the waterfall plunged, he hesitated. How could the murky water have changed? He recognized the area, and the pool’s surface was normally green with algae. Now it shimmered like starlight. He wanted what his own eyes beheld to be true. He was parched, his throat as dry as sand. When his stomach rumbled, it reminded him that he was famished.
His nostrils twitched. Earlier, he’d smelled a stag and a pine marten, but he hadn’t thought to pursue any prey. He wasn’t well, but forgetting to eat wouldn’t help him regain his strength. Since nothing in his life had turned out the way he’d planned, what did this newfound crystal-clean watering hole mean? Was he dreaming? Had he died and gone to the hereafter? The smart thing to do was to head down to the large pool and examine it closer.
   Flapping his wings, pain shot through his limbs. He was lonely, and had expended a lot of energy in the pursuit of a mate. For all his efforts, he’d had no luck. He was exhausted, and heading home, possibly to die in peace, but something drew him to this pool.

Shimmer: The Beginning is a prequel to my Clan of Dragons series. This 100 page novella helps explain how my dragon-shifters came into their special powers, and why these powers led to all three brothers finding the loves of their lives. Find all the ebook & print buy links HERE

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