Monday, May 20, 2013

Win Nancy Lee Badger's DRAGON....

While researching the poetry of Robert Frost to use in my soon-to-be-released book, MY RELUCTANT HIGHLANDER, I wondered if my readers would question why an American poet's work was quoted in a Scottish time travel romance.

First of all, my hero is a present-day American Blacksmith. A farrier, who shoes horses, and who finds himself back in 1603 Scotland. When we first met him, in the 1st book in the Highland Games Through Time series, he was leaning against a tree at the New England Highland Games, secretly reading a book of Robert Frost poetry.

Jake Jamison is my 'hero' in book #3, so I thought a little poetry would work. My research found several poems no long under copyright protection, and I chose a few lines of one that is dear to my much so, that the title of this blog is loosely named after it.

Can you guess the poem's title? If you know it, leave your answer and email address in a comment for a chance to
Since I do not yet have a cover for my newest book, above is a photo of the prize: a gorgeous double-sided window sticker of Keltic Dragons by Jan Delyth.

Who doesn't love dragons? Do you? Then you will love these books (as well as MY RELUCTANT HIGHLANDER)
                                                             Southern Fried Dragon

Drawing will be Friday May 24, 2013. GOOD LUCK!

Nancy Lee

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