Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Cover Reveal: Southern Fried Dragon

My Civil War romance is a fanciful story that takes place in Charleston, South Carolina on the eve of the first shots fired at Fort Sumter. Understand, this is first and foremost a story about a simple serving girl with a past who is saved by a Federal soldier during uneasy times. A recent survey concluded that, though my book was a wonderful read, the cover was confusing (see the original cover below) My hope is that the book will find more readers. Here is an excerpt:
He backed her against a shadowy wall and pressed against her, returning her attention to his rock-hard body. The swift surge of passion thrilled her with the power their shared kiss conjured. The second kiss was a joy-filled surprise that swiftly turned into a carnal promise of things to come.
With her fingers entangled in his silky locks, she wiggled her hips, yearning to get closer. He groaned, and pressed her between the hard planks of the wall and the steel planes of his chest. His tongue slid across her lips until she opened beneath his touch, welcoming him inside. She now knew what to expect. She now craved his intimate strokes within the sensitive curve of her mouth.
Prickles of desire brought a moan from deep within her throat, and the pleasure dampened the secret area between her legs. She never would have believed the fire inside could flame even brighter. She yearned for more.
Much more.
When he broke the kiss, Dru cried out with disappointment.
“I should not keep taking advantage, Miss…you neglected to share your name.”
Southern Fried Dragon Reviews:
“The twists and turns, secrets, and conflicts that arose kept me turning the pages. Nancy Lee Badger is a keen storyteller who draws you in and keeps you reading until you get to the happily-ever-after.”
“The story will have you turning the pages to see what will happen next and will Dru take a chance.”
“Another great book by Nancy Badger! Very interesting, entertaining and fun to read. Intermingling the Old South with everything else was so unexpected. Everyone who loves romance novels needs to read this one!” 
my original cover

Author:  Nancy Lee Badger
Genre: Paranormal Historical
Available now at  Amazon      


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