Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glad to be back in the city....

The Kancamagus River outside our condo
Wildlife is beautiful. While driving to and from New England, we spied many brown-eyed, sweet-faced deer. Their delicate beauty is awesome, but they were munching along with their 'friends' much too close to the highway.

Another aspect of rural life was evident at the condominium we stayed at in Lincoln, New Hampshire while volunteering at the New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival. The multi-unit, three floor building is nestled beside a large river, yet we were still surprised by the sign on the dumpster (each visitor is required to take all trash to the dumpster before check-out)

The sign is self explanitory and you will agree I had a right to send my adult son out with the next bag.

(and I love the last sentence) Now that I am safely ensconced within the Raleigh city limits in North Carolina, I can laugh at my fear. Are you laughing at me? They would not have posted the sign without reason...would they?

*all photos by Nancy Lee Badger

Cautious author, Nancy Lee Badger

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