Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Love is a curious thing. Is it a profound message from the Heavens? Is it fate? Or, is it an animal's response to a creature of the opposite (or same) sex?

Whatever you or I believe in does not matter. If we are fortunate to find love, we should enjoy the feelings and strive to protect it.

Is there a certain special someone out there for you? I hope so. I have been fortunate in love, and now use my experience to bring it to my many characters. If I can show how a Scottish dragon can leave all she's known, fly across the ocean, settle into a human existence, and fall madly in love with a can find love, too.

How do characters find love? It is different for each one, especially when my characters are different as night and day. Here are some examples:

SECRET LOVE MATCH  Becca, 21, wants to play tennis in the Olympics. Taylor, 40, is a former TV star going for the big screen.
DRAGON'S CURSE  The ward of a Scottish Laird, Brianna works like a servant. Draco, exiled since his kin were killed, is cursed to turn into a dragon at inopportune times.
DESTINY'S MOUNTAIN Destiny works at a college dining hall and lives on a mountain. Jacob is a stuffy college professor going through a divorce.
UNWRAPPING CHRIS  Army widow Jayne is searching for a better life. In walks Chris, the one guy who broke her heart.
DRAGON IN THE MIST Nessia has left the water of Loch Ness to find love as a human. American Scientist, Rory, is searching for a missing link.
LOVE TO THE RESCUE  Josie is a paramedic firefighter with the hots for one guy. Unfortunately, Pete calls her 'Joe', treats her like one of the boys, and has a dark secret.

If you are looking for love, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. If you have found love, CONGRATULATIONS! Remember, hold on tight and give more than you receive.


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