Friday, July 8, 2011


I am pleased to show you the five heart review of DESTINY'S MOUNTAIN by the very busy, highly rated review site, THE ROMANCE STUDIO. Here is what they said about my romantic suspense set in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, along with the book blurb:

Destiny Blake was enjoying the pleasant atmosphere that the mountain had to offer, not to mention some relaxing time in the splendid water. She never imagined someone would appear, on the mountain, but once she makes direct eye contact with Jacob Oliver, her heart instantly melts. Jacob has his own problems, he wishes to escape. With thoughts of an ex-wife, and no longer with the Boston Police, his life hadn't been too much to really wake up to everyday. After spotting the beautiful Destiny, in the water, he accidentally falls and injures himself. It was almost like kismet bringing them together. Just when it seems that Jacob has discovered the one woman to repair his broken life, Destiny finds herself in danger. Will Jacob be able to rescue her so they can have the life that fate meant them to have, or is happiness no longer in his path?

I absolutely love how two people have that certain gaze when their eyes contact each other, and know they are the one they want. Destiny's Mountain demonstrates that kind of story with two believable and refreshing characters. They touch upon the reader's heart and make them want to root for them, from the first page to the last. This sensational read allows the wide range of emotions, and expressions, to be displayed in every encounter permitting Destiny and Jacob to leap out, not only engaging the reader, but pulling them into the wonderful adventures that lie ahead. Nancy Lennea skillfully paints a portrait where the reader can envisage the beautiful scenery while sharing in the sights, sounds, and even feel the cold, not only in the air, but between the players and their exciting encounters. With a great display of action, romance, suspense and wonderful chemistry, this story is indeed awesome.

Overall rating: 5 Hearts

Sensuality rating: Very sensual   

Here is the direct link to The Romance Studio

Me visiting my folks' home in Port Orange, Florida. Back to writing!

DESTINY'S MOUNTAIN is available for download from Red Rose Publishing, Amazon, AllRomanceEBooks, and others.

Yes, I must get back in the groove and get to Writing!

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