Monday, May 24, 2010

Another sneak peek at SECRET LOVE MATCH

“Are you ready to enjoy dinner and dancing?” Becka asked. And, a quick kiss good night?
Turning toward the door, she bent over to pick up her shawl and purse from the couch. She better not think about kissing Taylor Adams. The memory of his caress sent shivers down her spine as she moved toward the door.
“I’ve never been to this club. I hope I fit in.”
She couldn’t help notice the concern in his voice. Him? Shy? Impossible. Did he worry his age topped others that frequented the place? Ridiculous. So why did he sound apprehensive?
“I’ve eaten there with friends but I’ve never been to the upstairs dance hall. If we don’t like it, I know another place we can try. Of course, we’ll fit in. Admit it, Taylor…” When Becka paused, he met her gaze head-on.
“Admit what?”
“We look hot.”
His stunned expression brought a smile to her face.
“Come on, this’ll be fun.” She pulled him by the hand to the elevator. She liked that he squeezed her hand in return. Would he compare their date to one of the glamorous clubs in Hollywood where he usually hung out? They most likely welcomed performers of every venue and vintage, as well as friends to help a celebrity like him spend his money.
New York differed from Hollywood. A more sophisticated city with special needs and horrific memories, New Yorkers didn’t waste their time on freaks and has-beens. Of course, he didn’t fit in either of those categories.
Did he think he did?
The elevator ride passed in silence. She followed him toward the curb and smiled her thanks to the doorman who quickly opened the door to the cab Taylor had waiting.
“This is nice,” she said. He sat in stony silence until he turned and gave her a slightly crooked grin.
Oh, God, she sighed. She closed her eyes, instantly reminded of nighttime dreams of that grin as he swooped in with his spaceship to rescue her from demonic aliens. Not wanting him to think she’d fallen asleep in his company, she opened her eyes and smiled.
The yellow cab pulled up to a building where spotlights bounced off an elegant façade boasting a combination of large, smooth river stones and shimmering steel. A tall, massive man, dressed all in black, helped her from the taxi.
“The bouncer?” she whispered to Taylor.
“I better behave myself.”

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