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Nancy Lee Badger Presents Nancy Holland

Author Nancy Holland stopped by to share intimate details about her life and her latest book. I always enjoy hosting other authors... especially ones with such a beautiful names!

Take it away, Nancy!

Thank you for having me on the blog today, Nancy. I’m so excited about the release of Thalgor’s Witch. Thalgor’s Witch, my first fantasy novel (and the first book in the Witch King series), is truly the book of my heart. I hope you all love Thalgor and Erwyn’s story as much as I do! 

Book blurb -- Thalgor’s Witch

In a land of perpetual war and wandering, warrior Thalgor not only leads his people in battle, but keeps the hope alive that someday his displaced tribe can rebuild the kingdom that was lost to the treachery between witches and men. When he captures a beautiful witch, he knows he cannot trust her. But to succeed in his quest to find a new home and prevail over his enemies, he also knows he needs her. 

Erwyn might be a slave and feared for her powers and precognition, but she doesn’t cower when confronted by the feared warrior. Nor does she act as expected. Thalgor’s kindness confuses her. His flashes of humor confound her. And the reaction he ignites in her body creates a longing that she cannot deny.

Neither anticipated falling in love. The stakes are high, but when Thalgor is mortally wounded, Erwyn realizes she must she must accept help from an unlikely source to save him.

Free Excerpt from Thalgor’s Witch

Thalgor looked up and down the battlefield and saw what he had missed in his focus on finding the enemy leader.
Gurdek’s men were holding their own, but they made no headway against the enemy. The line of men on his left had broken. The enemy had gotten through in places and now battled some of their men from two sides. As the guards began to arrive from the camp, Gurdek sent them to close the broken line, but they were too few, too late.
Soon, Thalgor saw, the line would break entirely and they would be surrounded. Defeat was inevitable. His daughter would be born, live, and die some other man’s slave.
If they allowed Erwyn to live at all.
And he could do nothing to protect her. He could only continue to fight in the cold, mud and rain, killing and grieving now with equal passion and equal despair.
The enemy’s leader made his way toward him.Thalgor doubted killing him would do more now than slow the tide of defeat.
But kill him he would.
The two leaders raised swords against each other. Their men moved away from where they stood, some out of deference to their strength and valor, some simply out of fear.
The enemy glanced away for just a moment to appraise his men’s advantage.
Now. Thalgor brought his sword down hard, but it struck only his opponent’s shield, as his sword stuck only Thalgor’s.
They fought on that way, blow for blow, until Thalgor’s arms grew numb, his breath hot and tight in his chest.
Just when he began to doubt he could ever kill this man who would soon take from him all he loved, a stir ran through the warriors on all sides. Both leaders froze and looked as their men did at a rocky outcropping just to one side of the battlefield.
A man stood on the highest point in a shimmering silver robe. The Witch King.
Beside him stood Erwyn.

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More About the Author
A former professor and finalist in the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart© contest, Nancy Holland recently began to live her dream as a full-time writer. She draws on her vision of what human existence can be and the creative wellsprings of her mind to create characters who live in a fantasy world, but are as real as the people you see every day. Her heroes and heroines refuse to give up on themselves, struggle to improve their lives, and learn to trust each other. Connect with Nancy here:


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Nancy Lee Badger Presents Author Sofie Darling

Please welcome author Sofie Darling who stopped by to talk about her latest release. Take it away, Sofie!

Three Lessons in Seduction centers around a married couple, Nick and Mariana, ten years after a very public scandal ruined their marriage. Initially, it was the second installment of my Shadows and Silk series, with book “one” already written. However, a keen-eyed critique partner told me I should flip the books around and explained why. She was absolutely correct. So, I stuck the other book in a drawer and started writing Three Lessons. What happened to the other book? It’s Tempted by the Viscount and releases on June 27th. J (It tells the story of Olivia, Mariana’s twin sister, and the man she can’t seem to keep out of her life!)

Book Blurb from Three Lessons in Seduction
Lord Nicholas Asquith needs his wife. Too bad he broke her heart ten years ago.

When Mariana catches the eye of the man at the center of an assassination plot, Nick puts aside their painful past and enlists her to obtain information by any means necessary, even if it means seducing the enemy agent.

Even if the thought makes his blood boil.

Mariana has a chance to best Nick at his own game. It’s an opportunity she can’t resist, even as, increasingly, she wants nothing more than to seduce her
Bool own husband . .

"A girl like you is a girl one could marry,” he murmured. They were heedless and dangerous words that fell from his lips, and he couldn’t understand why he spoke them.
“A girl like me?
“One could marry?”
“Careful,” she whispered into the space between their lips. It was the only space that mattered in the universe. “I might hold you to such words.”
“I might hope you do.”
Again, words fell from his mouth of their own accord, and he’d proposed to her. There had been no biting it back.
And he hadn’t wanted to.
At least, not for another five seconds.
He’d proposed to Lady Mariana Montfort, a girl he didn’t know.
That wasn’t precisely true.
In the ways that mattered, he knew her. 

Sofie spent much of her twenties raising two boys and reading every book she could get her hands on. Once she realized that she was no longer satisfied with simply reading the books she loved, that she must write them, too, she decided to finish her degree and embark on a writing career. Mr. Darling and the boys gave her their wholehearted blessing. When she’s not writing heroes who make her swoon, she runs a marathon in a different state every year, visits crumbling medieval castles whenever she gets a chance, and enjoys a slightly codependent relationship with her beagle, Bosco.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Nancy Lee Badger Presents Author Joanne Guidoccio

Please welcome author Joanne Guidoccio who stopped by to share intimate details of her life and her latest release. Take it away, Joanne!

During my cancer journey, all I wanted to read were cozies, those delightful murder mysteries that include a bloodless crime and contain little violence, sex, or coarse language. I read voraciously, often finishing a cozy in one or two sittings. Toward the end of treatments, I came up with a storyline for my own cozy, A Season for Killing Blondes, Book 1 in the Gilda Greco Mystery series (released by The Wild Rose Press in 2015). Too Many Women in the Room is the second book in the series. Based in Northern Ontario, these books feature a fifty-something Italian woman, her relatives, deserving and undeserving men, food, and murder.

When Gilda Greco invites her closest friends to a VIP dinner, she plans to share David Korba’s signature dishes and launch their joint venture— Xenia, an innovative Greek restaurant near Sudbury, Ontario. Unknown to Gilda, David has also invited Michael Taylor, a lecherous photographer who has throughout the past three decades managed to annoy all the women in the room. One woman follows Michael to a deserted field for his midnight run and stabs him in the jugular.

Gilda’s life is awash with complications as she wrestles with a certain detective’s commitment issues and growing doubts about her risky investment in Xenia. Frustrated, Gilda launches her own investigation and uncovers decades-old secrets and resentments that have festered until they explode into untimely death. Can Gilda outwit a killer bent on killing again?

“Thanks for coming,” Luke said and turned toward the female officer. “Detective Irina Banicki will be sitting in.”
Irina Banicki. I racked my brain but couldn’t recall the name. Was she new to the department? I hadn’t seen her at the Christmas party. I would have remembered the tall, willowy brunette with razor-sharp cheekbones. Late thirties. Maybe early forties. Young and on the upward spiral.
She inclined her head. I nodded but said nothing. There was no need to engage in conversation and allow myself to be distracted. Instead, I turned and focused on Luke.
Frowning, he rustled through the loose pages filled with scattered handwriting. After locating the right page, he cleared his throat and made eye contact. “Sounds like quite a shindig last night. Do you want to tell me about it?”
Tell him how we planned it or how everything went south? The question was too open-ended. Was that part of his plan? Get me to tell everything and later sift through for any incriminating nuggets. “It was our rehearsal dinner for the opening of—”
“Rehearsal dinner? You mean like for a wedding?” Luke asked innocently enough, but I could hear the amusement in his tone.
A giggle escaped from Irina.
I forced myself to smile and make eye contact with Luke. “Not quite. David and Susan had planned to test-drive some of Xenia’s signature dishes and reveal our new venture to everyone.”
“So, you were a silent partner in this venture.” Luke alternated between raising and dropping his
Magnum eyebrows while still maintaining eye contact. A talent he must have perfected in his younger days. “You were until Michael Taylor spilled the beans. That must have upset your plans…made you angry…”
Angry enough to kill? I’ve been told I wear my emotions and would make a terrible poker player. With my feelings about Michael, I must have shown thunderous anger and disapproval all evening. Intuitive Jean would have been able to read my face and then share her observations with Carlo. “I felt a surge of anger at both David and Michael, but it passed. We were there to celebrate the opening, not spar over pettiness.”
Luke’s eyes widened in surprise. “I think it was more than—”
My nostrils picked up a musky smell. Not too unpleasant but a bit overpowering. A woman’s scent, one I steered away from at the cosmetics counter. I turned and looked up into intense green eyes.
Irina had decided to become an active participant in the interrogation. “Why did you keep your
involvement a secret? Were you afraid or embarrassed to tell your friends?”

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More About the Author
In 2008, Joanne Guidoccio retired from a 31-year teaching career and launched a second act that tapped into her creative side. Slowly, a writing practice emerged. Her articles and book reviews were published in newspapers, magazines, and online. When she tried her hand at fiction, she made reinvention a recurring theme in her novels and short stories. A member of Crime Writers of Canada, Sisters in Crime, and Romance Writers of America, Joanne writes cozy mysteries, paranormal romance, and inspirational literature from her home base of Guelph, Ontario. Where to find Joanne...

Website    Twitter     Facebook

Friday, February 2, 2018

Amy Deason and her Book Stone Cold Angel

Amy Deason stopped by to share her latest release! Stone Cold Angel is the second book in The Perfect Order series. A suspenseful romance series that plunges her readers in a world of mystery, secrets, lies, and death.

Be Careful Who You Trust . . . 
Cadence Montgomery had it all. A beautiful home, a loving father, a scholarship to one of the most prestigious music schools in the country. But when her father, a nuclear physicist, disappears into the vast regions of Russia without a trace, everything comes to a crashing halt. Tired of waiting for answers that never come, she decides to take matters into her own hands and sets forth on a dangerous journey to find him. Soon she finds herself in the midst of something than she could ever imagine. The only person standing between her and death is the most mysterious and seductive man she'd ever encountered. 
Nikolas Kozlov is a killer . . . Not only in his work but also in the bedroom. As a part of an extreme undercover organization known simply as The Perfect Order, he has spent many years honing his elite skills in the art of combat, disguise, and seduction. Now he must return to his own country in search of the one woman that may hold the key to stopping a madman set on world domination. But his expectations of a spoiled American princess are blown apart as he realizes there is more to Cadence than meets the eye.

With millions of lives on the line and time running out, Nikolas and Cadence must find the answers they need to stop the international terrorist before it's too late. But as they make their way across the country, they struggle to fight not only against the killers hunting them at every turn but also against the electrifying attraction growing between them. Once the shocking truth is laid bare, only one question remains. Can they survive the impossible odds . . . and each other? 

   The man leaning toward her was absolutely dangerous.
   And totally gorgeous. Cadence felt these things as clearly as she felt the pull on her arms and the chill in the air. As clear as the immense ache in her head and face.
   God, it felt as though her brain was being ripped apart.
   It hadn’t helped thrashing around trying to free herself from the chair. Any more than it had to try and nail the men with the tire iron when they’d finally opened the trunk. She thought she’d managed to hit one of them but she couldn’t be sure. The last thing she remembered was a fist coming at her followed by a brief flash of pain and darkness.
When she woke up, she was in this place, tied to a chair. A large man encased in an expensive suit stood over her.
   With wide shoulders, a brown buzz cut, and piercing green eyes, he was attractive in a cold sort of way. But when he smiled, a chill ran through her, spearing her heart. His words were friendly and polite but when she refused to answer his questions, he’d become enraged and she tensed herself for another blow.
   But he hadn’t hit her. Instead, he’d pulled out a syringe and injected her with something. Whatever it was had knocked her out quickly and with a lot less pain than a fist to the face. She could still feel the light sting on the side of her neck.
   Now here she was again, with another creep.
   Shifting uncomfortably, she tried to shrink into herself and escape the dark, penetrating eyes of this handsome man but there was nowhere for her to go. She was strapped to the chair, unable to do more than look away. But the intensity in the man’s eyes kept her from even doing that.
   Frozen in place, she could only watch as he leaned in, closing the space between them, his lips scant inches from hers. Terror accelerated her heart, making it slam against her ribs painfully.
   “I’m here to help you but you have to do exactly what I say,” he murmured, his voice soft and husky.
   His breath had been warm and sweet, washing over her face and it would have stolen her breath had she not been holding it.
   She was afraid, no doubt about it, but she wasn’t stupid and she’d been through this once before. She knew what he wanted and she wasn’t willing to play along.


About Amy Deason
I have been reading since I was three years and I have had a voracious appetite for reading ever since.  Everything I could get my hands on, I read. I read so much and so fast that I had teachers doubting me until they finally realized that I truly was reading ALL of those books. 😊 

I remember sitting at my grandma's house when I was 7 or 8 and writing silly little stories that my grandma would read aloud and hang on the refrigerator. She would laugh or smile as she read them and it was then I knew I wanted to write.

I love everything about books. The feel of them in my hand. The smell of the pages. The places they can take you. The way they help you temporarily escape everyday life, and the way they open doors to new experiences and people.

I currently live in NW Arkansas with my wonderful husband, three children, and our shih tzu. I enjoy all kinds of activities when time will allow it. (Not often 😏But if I'm not working, you can find me writing, reading, or spending time with my family. Connect with Amy here:  WEBSITE     FACEBOOK


Friday, January 26, 2018

Nancy Lee Badger welcomes Author Marianne Rice

Author Marianne Rice stopped by to share intimate details about her writing life, and to share her latest release. At First Blush is a contemporary romance. Take it away, Marianne!

I stumbled across the idea for my Well Paired series while visiting one of my local wineries. Research is a tough job, right? Is there a setting more romantic than a quaint winery nestled in the hills of New England? Coastal Vines, the vineyard in my new release, At First Blush is a fictitious blend of some of my favorite wineries in Maine and New Hampshire. The series focuses on the business owners of the small coastal town of Crystal Cove, Maine, but the winery and the sense of family is at the center of it all. I hope you fall in love with the characters, the families, and the town as much as I have. 

Book Blurb for At First Blush: 
Alexis Le Blanc enjoys her simple life in Crystal Cove, Maine. After taking a chance on romance and getting rejected, she has given up on love. Now she devotes all her time to running her family’s winery, Coastal Vines. She wants to keep it small and traditional, but her parents have other ideas—hence why they hire some big-shot marketing executive from Napa Valley to rev up business.

When Benito Martelli shows up in her family’s tasting room, she’s more than stunned to discover he’s the man who wined and dined her the night before. Alexis is beyond peeved at his deception in trying to get into her good graces for the sake of making money on her winery. At first, she wants nothing to do with him or his big business ideas, but she’s pleasantly surprised when they come to a compromise, and even more surprised when she gives in to the sparks between them.

Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as planned and Alexis is faced with complications she never could have predicted. Promises and secrets unravel, and she must decide if love and wine are as well paired as she hoped.

Excerpt from At First Blush
“You want brutal honesty?”
“That would be nice. For once.”
Ben grabbed the collar of her jacket and jerked her toward him, their faces inches apart. “I want you. In my bed. Underneath me. On top of me. But I also don’t want to hurt you. I’m letting you go because I don’t want to be a selfish bastard. There are things you don’t know…”
“I seem to go for selfish bastards so…” She licked her lips, hoping for one more kiss. Hoping he’d ask her to stay. Hoping he’d let her go.
“You’re too…special.”
“I’m not special.” Alexis lowered her eyes and shook her head. More lies to get her into bed. Only he didn’t want her in his bed. Her mind raced searching for answers, yet she didn’t even know the questions. It was all too much.
The way her heart raced when he was near. The way her legs trembled when his dimple appeared as if just for her. The way her mind went dizzy with longing when his stunning eyes were so intently focused on her.
“See, and then you do that vulnerable thing and I just want to…”
A spark ignited inside. She was not weak. “I’m not vulnerable.” She lifted her gaze to his and studied the intensity in his eyes, the seriousness in his jaw.
“I like that you are, and that you think you aren’t.”
“I think I should go.” She was smart enough and strong enough to walk away before she’d get emotionally attached and have her heart broken.
“I’ll follow you home.”
“When was the last time you drove in the snow?” Ben didn’t reply, his gaze still on her lips. “I didn’t think so. I don’t want to have to haul your ass out of a ditch so stay here. Play on your laptop. Style your hair. Go be sexy. Whatever it is you do at night.”
Alexis frowned when she pulled away from him so easily, and let herself out, driving home in silence and confusion.
Leaving her hot and horny and alone on a cold night, Ben was right about one thing. He was a total selfish bastard.


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More about the Author
Marianne Rice writes contemporary romantic fiction set in small New England towns. She loves high heels, reading romance, scarfing down dark chocolate, gulping wine, and Chris Hemsworth. Oh, and her husband and three children. You can follow her all over social media, and keep up to tabs with her latest releases on her website:


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Nancy Lee Badger Presents Author Belle Ami

Belle Ami stopped by to share intimate details about her life and her latest books. Take it away!

Thank you, Nancy, for hosting me today on Where Happy Ever After Takes the Road Less Traveled. I’m delighted to share with your readers my series Tip of the Spear. Escape and Vengeance, my fifth and sixth published novels, which abound with thrills, political intrigue, and romance.

I quote The Romance Reviews 5-Star review of Escape This story is suspenseful, it's smart, it's sexy, it's a page-turner that you will be loathed to put down.”

The 5-Star review for Vengeance from The Romance Reviews continues the praise. “VENGEANCE is an intriguing second book in the series, especially for me. Intriguing because there aren't a lot of books that follow a couple after their HEA, and rarer for me, because I don't think I've ever read one. In this, VENGEANCE was a pleasant surprise, because the intrigue plot was compelling in that I couldn't put the book down, and the romance was satisfying. This book makes you believe in true love.”

I’m currently working on the third book which is titled Ransom where my hero and uber-Mossad spy, Cyrus Hassani, will once again fight the forces of evil with his wife Layla by his side.

Book Blurb from Vengeance

Vengeance is a sexy thriller teeming with romantic suspense. A well-researched tale, scary in its possibility, packed with excitement, it will leave you breathlessly turning pages. Layla Wallace Hassani is living her dream, curating a major art exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. She has it all, a fabulous career, the perfect marriage and the perfect child. She’s madly in love with her husband Cyrus Hassani, a Mossad agent, and lives in Tel Aviv with their four-year-old daughter Cerise. Her life takes a disastrous turn when she’s kidnapped by Iranian terrorists during the bombing of a restaurant in Manhattan. Chained to a bed at a remote location, Layla is a pawn in a deadly game. She’s the bait to lure Cyrus to his death.

Driven by vengeance and a love that knows no bounds, Cyrus will do anything to rescue his wife and stop the terrorist’s plot to blow up a nuclear facility. Teaming up with the FBI he’s the only man capable of stopping a bombing that would result in the deaths of millions of people. Filled with vengeance, stopping the terrorists is his goal, but saving Layla is his mission.

Layla knows her Superman, Cyrus, is coming to save her. She also knows, unbeknownst to him, that by doing so it will mean the death of their child. Caught in a mousetrap, she struggles to find a way out of her deadly situation and to fend off the sexual advances of the kidnapper terrorist who’s fallen for her.

Layla must make a choice, save her child or sacrifice herself and her marriage. The clock is ticking. 

Excerpt: Chapter 3 from Vengeance

Tel Aviv, Israel
September 12th
5 a.m.
New York time 10 p.m. September 11th

Cyrus’ cell phone rang, waking him from a dream of making love to his wife. He glanced at the clock—five a.m. Not good.
His throat was glued shut. He squeezed out, “Yes?”
“Cyrus, I’m sorry to call with such devastating news.”
It was Rafi, the director of Mossad’s Americas’ desk. A chill crept up Cyrus’ spine.
“I just got a call from New York. There’s been an attack.” Rafi’s voice came tense and strained…the act of speech seemed to produce immeasurable pain.
Cyrus’ heart pounded as if a regiment of infantry stampeded on his chest. His voice barely above a whisper. “What happened?”
“A bomb exploded in a restaurant…near the Museum of Modern Art. Probably a hundred or more people have been killed. Avi Zaken was there. We assume he’s dead.”
“Oh, my God, they got the consul general. Layla’s going to be devastated. She’s very fond of Avi.”
“About Layla.” Rafi’s voice softened. “Her name is on his calendar. His dinner appointment. I’m so sorry, Cyrus.”
Cyrus’ blood froze, and his heart refused to beat. It took every ounce of his strength to hold it together. He held the phone in a death grip. “How do we know she was in the restaurant? Have you checked with her security detail? Maybe there’s been a mistake.”
“Layla released them earlier in the day—”
“Why would she?” He closed his eyes. “Shit. Shit. Shit, that sounds like Layla.” He fought to steady his voice. “Anything else?”
“The FBI’s tracking down museum security to see who saw her leave. I can’t tell you for certain if she was in the restaurant, but in all likelihood, she was there. God…” Rafi’s voice cracked. “This is such a fucking disaster. I hate to be the bearer of such news.”
“This can’t be right?”
“Cyrus, it’s all over the news. The FBI’s calling it terrorism. We’ve already requested inclusion in the case. The prime minister’s up in arms. He’s adamant this attack will not go unanswered. He’s called for an emergency meeting at the Office, but given the circumstances…if you feel you can’t—”
Cyrus interrupted him. He struggled to control the scream climbing up his throat. I need to keep it together. “No, I’ll be there as soon as I can. What about Aleck, Layla’s father, has anyone notified him? I can’t—I mean—I don’t think I could handle talking to him right now.”
“Dodi’s calling him.”
The prime minister. Good. “I’m on my way.” He hung up and stared at his cell phone, feeling the walls close in around him. Layla. Dead. Layla. Dead. Layla. Dead. The words burned into his brain like a firestorm leaving nothing but ashes. Impossible. No warning. No premonition. Nothing but emptiness. Shouldn’t I have felt something?
“Noooo!” He roared with grief. He howled, keening like a wild beast. Everything of beauty in the world dead or dying.
Layla. Dead. And it was his fault. He should have kept her from going. I’m the target. It’s me they want. Oh, dear God, what have I done? Why didn’t you take me?
There was no way he could live without her. He wanted to kill someone—something—anything that might stop the pain. He thought about the Jericho pistol in his drawer. He wanted to hold the shiny, black, instrument of death to the head of her killers. He wanted to pull the trigger. He wanted to see blood gush, brains splatter—he wanted revenge.






More About the Author
Tema Merback writing as Belle Ami believes “Dreams do come true”.  As a mother and wife, she dedicated herself to her family and loved every minute of it. One day, like Sleeping Beauty, she awoke to find gourmet cooking and b
eing a classical pianist wasn’t enough, she needed to reinvent herself. So, she brushed away the cobwebs and locked herself in a room and spent a year writing a historical novel which, low and behold, was a Finalist for a national book award. Her first author incarnation was born.

When she read Fifty Shades of Grey, her world tilted. Like a laser beam focusing on a target, she had found her passion: Sexy, steamy, romantic suspense. Hence came a second incarnation and a fitting nom de plume, Belle Ami. A quote that Belle considers her mantra is by Wilferd Peterson, “Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve.”
She is a Kathryn McBride scholar of Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. She lives in California with her husband, two children, three dogs, and horse.

She is the author of The Only One series, The One (#1), and The One & More (#2). Her third in the series titled One More Time is Not Enough, was published July 13th, 2016. She was honored to be included in the RWA LARA Christmas Anthology Holiday Ever After featuring her short story The Christmas Encounter. Her next series entitled The Tip of the Spear begins with Escape, published January 10, 2017. The sequel to Escape, entitled Vengeance was published September 12, 2017, and she’s currently writing the third in the series titled Ransom. Connect with her here: